Arsenal & Tottenham: 100 Years of Rivalry [Infographic]

For one hundred hate-filled years, Arsenal Football Club & Tottenham Hotspur have formed one of the most fierce rivalries in English Football.[quote_right]”Naturally, the fans themselves have been only too happy to fuel the rivalry.”[/quote_right]

Despite both clubs being established in the 1800’s the rivalry between Arsenal & Tottenham did not exist until 1913. That year, The Gunners relocated from Manor Ground, Woolwich, to Highbury, North London. The move resulted in an organic rivalry with Tottenham Hotspur, which has lasted for an entire Century.

The ferocious contention between the two clubs has produced some memorable events. the world-famous ‘North London Derby’ always delivers goals and blood-boiling controversy. Naturally, the fans themselves have been only too happy to fuel the rivalry.

[title]Hate By Numbers[/title]

Hating your rival is customary. But being able to hate whilst knowing where your club stands historically, is far more fulfilling. Unless of course, you happen to be a Tottenham fan. The Infographic below outlines the history of both clubs, as well as the most important statistics relevant to the North London Derby.

The above Infographic touches on some of the most important statistics surrounding club rivalry. Derbies won, goals scored, and overall major honours achieved, are great indications as to which club is dominant. The results, speak for themselves.


[title]One Hundred More[/title]
The dominance of Arsenal throughout the first combative century between the two North London outfits, is undeniable. But what can be asked about the next phase of rivalry between The Gunners & The Lilywhites?[quote_left]”In recent years, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs has narrowed.”[/quote_left]

It has even been suggested that the rivalry could be diminished by Tottenham’s potential move away from White Hart Lane. A move outside of North London, could pull the plug on a traditional local rivalry with Arsenal, as well as the famous North London Derby.

Regardless of locality, in recent years, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs has narrowed. Season by season, Tottenham have improved, whilst Arsenal have, at best, stood still. Coincidentally, at the time of writing, Arsenal face Tottenham this weekend, with the latter four points ahead of The Gunners. The matchup is quite literally make or break - for both teams.

It may well come to pass that the next period of dominance, will be Tottenham’s.

But I doubt it.


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