Top 5 Arsenal Memes of the Month (March 2014)

March had its ups and downs for Gooners, and so there were many different moments which bred Arsenal memes.

With Jekyll and Hyde performances on the pitch leaving us ecstatic after one result and clinically depressed after another one.

Anyone who has been within easy access to social media recently would have come across some hilarious memes and reaction images regarding Arsenal’s latest performances.

So, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 Arsenal memes of March 2014.

1. Diven Robben

When he isn’t busy diving on the pitch, Arjen Robben spends his free time diving in the paddling pool. Would it be fair to assume that Wenger awarded him nil point for his theatrics? I don’t want to comment on individual divers.

2. The Great Wall of Arsenal

All of the Tottenham players could have lined up and had a go at putting this one in the back of the net, Mertesacker and Koscielny would have still blocked every shot that they took.

Source: @bong_arsenal

3. Mistaken Identity

Andre Marriner will not be able to live this blunder down for a very long time. Still it could have been worse, imagine how confused he would have been if Theo Walcott had been on the pitch as well.

Source: Barclays Premier League Banter

4. Tim’s A Gooner

Tottenham manager (and Arsenal fan) Tim Sherwood is trying his best to convince the Tottenham fans that he is as loyal as they come, but we all know he’s secretly counting down the days until St. Totteringham’s Day

Source: @mikesanz19

5. Competition Between the Sticks

It’s always good to be able to poke fun at yourself. Here we can see Kieran Gibbs, I mean Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain finally following his dreams and becoming the goalkeeper that he always wanted to be.

Source: @GeniusFootball


As an added bonus for you all we have included a legendary image in this Month’s list which also doubles up as a fantastic tongue twister. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, The Szczęsny Sęlfie:

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