This Arsenal Star Has Given Us Another Reason To Let Him Go This Summer.

The Arsenal goalie is expected to receive another caution following his recent “Hippy Crack” act.

There seem to be no end in sight for the culture of footballers inhaling nitrous oxide as Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny emerged as the latest member of the trend.

Despite Arsene Wenger’s strong grounds against any form of smoking from his players, the Polish International was once again caught “offside” with his latest act, as he was filmed inhaling a red balloon filled with the “legal high” while partying with friends in London.

A disappointed Arsenal fan said: “He was surrounded by girls who were all doing it. He got passed a balloon. He inhaled from it and was laughing and enjoying it. As an Arsenal fan, I am very disappointed.”

This is not the first time Szczesny has been linked with similar, act as he was fined £20,000 in January for smoking in the showers after a disastrous performance in the 2-0 loss to Southampton on New Year’s Day. In the summer of 2013, He was also pictured with a cigarette twice.

Despite not being regarded as illegal, Stephen Ream, from the Drugs Charity Re-Solv warned there could be risks associated with the use of nitrous oxide:

“It’s worrying from our point of view as, despite nitrous oxide not being the most dangerous drug out there, there are risks associated with it in terms of people losing consciousness.

“And from his position as an international footballer, there are concerns about the message his behavior is sending out.” He said.

Szczesny, 25, is not the only footballer to be accused of inhaling nitrous oxide. Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, 20, was allegedly seen inhaling ‘hippy crack’ a few weeks after manager Brendan Rodgers confronted him over previous pictures of him using the legal high.

Szczesny is most likely to receive a caution from Arsenal in the coming days as regards his recent act.


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