Coquelin Injury Update: 1Months, 2Months, 3Months, Wenger keeps Confusing Us

According To Arsenal official website, when asked about Coquelin’s injury in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Champions league game Wenger had this to say.

“Coquelin and Arteta are out. Arteta is short-term and Coquelin is longer. How big the damage is we don’t know but we will know for certain this [Monday] afternoon. Everyone from Saturday’s game is available and Ramsey is available.

“It is at least a month. I’m a bit cautious as we have had so many bad surprises on the scans… but the team for the next few months will be without Coquelin.”

I guess we will have to stick with this story about him being out for at least a month but we all know Wenger and his predictions are mostly wrong a very good example is when asked about Danny Welbeck’s injury he said it was minor but England manager Roy Hudgson has recently revealed Welbeck will be out longer than expected.


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