Sep 5, 42 days ago

A Post Transfer Window Rant

Guest Post: The following article is a guest post written by The Gooner Way.

Yet another window has come and gone, and yet more profit has been made for those at the helm of Arsenal Football Club.

Roughly £1.5M profit in transfer fees, accompanied by several loaned out players whose wages won’t need to be paid by us. More money saved.

But at least ticket prices aren’t completely unjust - given our competitiveness in competitions and on the transfer stage. Arsenal charge the highest prices for tickets in the league, one of the highest in Europe.

“Stan Kroenke has put zero investment into Arsenal Football Club, yet can take whatever he pleases out, as he owns the majority.”

I’ve also noticed a trend. Year after year, we’re told that we’ll compete for major honours, that we’ll be buying in the transfer market and our best players will commit to the cause. They hype soon sets in with the fans.

Conveniently, season ticket and membership renewal deadlines come pretty early on nowadays. Shortly after, our best players are sold. Last year it was Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas - we were told by Wenger himself that he was sure they’d stay. This year, Song and RVP, a similar story. And to top it all off, we nearly lost Theo Walcott thanks to delayed contract offers.

Have Arsenal fans become blind to the sight of our best players being sold, only to be replaced by the cheapest replacements going?

Gentleman’s Agreements

With regards to Robin Van Persie, he held a discussion with Ivan Gazidis and Wenger before the Euros, sometime in late May. Arsenal offered him the best offer they could afford. £5M up front signing in fee, £130,000 a week. But RVP wanted players being brought in, such as the ones that were – little did we know at the time, they were replacements.

Van Persie had already confidentially told the club he wanted to leave. It was agreed that they would wait until after the Euros as somewhat of gentleman’s agreement, which was mutually beneficial. My theory is that this was beneficial to Arsenal as it meant they could get all renewals and investments into the Asian Tour in safely, without hassle or questions being raised.

The board wouldn’t have bought as they did if it wasn’t for his departure and that’s the harsh reality.

On top of losing Alex Song & RVP, Arsenal failed to reinvest the money into the areas needed, and the amount of players signed simply wasn’t enough for me. We sold 4 players, loaned out three ‘first team’ players & youth players as expected and released 6 players including Manuel Almunia.


Stan Kroenke has put zero investment into the club, yet can take whatever he pleases out, as he owns the majority. Over the past 5 years, we have made over a £20m profit in the transfer department, buying more than we’ve sold - suggesting something about quality.

We were a team that won the league 8 years ago, as Invincibles. We were hailed as the best team that ever was. Why is it so easy for some fans to accept what’s happening to the club and the direction we’re taking?

I love the club unconditionally and will support fully until the day I die, like most Arsenal fans. I’m not calling for spending loads like City and Chelsea, but something is obviously not right at the club in terms of the transfer policy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there every step of the way supporting Arsenal, but these are the harsh, troubling facts that we face as fans.

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