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A Look Into Arsenal’s Impressive Domination of Social Media

When it comes to judging the size and status of a Football club, one of the biggest factors to consider is the quality of their following across the world.

“Having lots of fans is always a help, but having lots of fans who also engage with the club itself is even more valuable.”

For any professional Sports club, having lots of fans is always a help, but having lots of fans who also engage with the club itself is even more valuable. And in today’s modern society, the best way to get involved with the club you love  after attending fixtures, is most definitely via social media.

Arsenal ‐ as both a Football club and a company, have impressively taken the world of social media by storm, racking up one of the biggest online followings in the world of Sport.

Many fans will not be able to grasp the importance of Arsenal being active in social media. After all, what difference does it make to the first team? Well, quite a lot actually.

Arsenal’s Useful Social Media Impact

As of right now, it’s safe to say that Arsenal are on a quest to dominate the world os social media. In a number of ways, I feel Arsenal are trying to pioneer the way in which Football clubs, and Sports clubs in general, engage with their fans.

“For some, it’s extremely difficult to believe that an Arsenal fan on the other side of the earth could have so much passion…”

Some of the fruits of their labour have been produced for everybody to see. The passionate Vietnamese Gunner who became famous by successfully chasing down the Arsenal team bus during their Asia Tour, is a great example of Arsenal impact on social media.

For some, it’s extremely difficult to believe that an Arsenal fan on the other side of the earth could have so much passion. But thanks to Arsenal’s extensively engaging efforts across the online social spectrum, such passion is quite obviously possible.

However, more importantly, we live in a world of technology and modernity. Many Arsenal first team players are active on social media, making it a part of their personal and professional lives. Arsenal’s presence on the same networks helps build bridges between the fans, players and club itself, on levels which were never possible before.

So, let’s take a look at just how far the Arsenal social media arm reaches.

Arsenal on Facebook - 14.3M Likes

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet, and Arsenal have left their mark in an impressive way. With over 14 million followers, The Gunners have a huge audience to give updates to, promote competitions and engage with their fans in general.

Check out Arsenal’s Facebook Page

Arsenal on Twitter - 2.5M Followers

With 2.5 million followers, Arsenal have one of the biggest Twitter followings in world Football. They use it wisely, offering live updates on fixtures and conferences, as well as hosting exclusive question and answer sessions with first team players.

Check out Arsenal’s Twitter Page

Arsenal on Google+ - 1.1M Followers

Google+ is a network with a lot of growth in it, and Arsenal have ensured that they become a part of that growth. They gives match and conference updates to their 1.1 million followers, and also post up pictures relevant to the stadium, first team players and similar things of interest.

Check out Arsenal’s Google+ Page

Arsenal on Instagram - 143.9K Followers

Instagram is an extremely popular mobile app, and Arsenal have used it well. They regularly publish behind the scenes images, as well as match day snaps. Instagram recently introduced video to their features, and Arsenal have dived right in, offering useful and interesting video content to their 143,000 followers.

Check out Arsenal’s Instagram Page

Arsenal on Pinterest - 2.5K Followers

Pinterest has a knack for producing users who happen to be female, and who also happen to love food. But Arsenal didn’t hesitate to expand their social media presence, and went right ahead with uploading hundreds of images related to current events, and events of the past.

Check out Arsenal’s Pinterest Page

Arsenal on Vine - 14.5K Followers

Vine is the new kid on the block. It only launched back in February 2013, but tech-savvy Arsenal jumped right on the bandwagon. With over 13 million users, The Gunners did well to get started on Vine, especially as many other top clubs have failed to join officially. So far, they’ve managed to attract 14,500 followers from just 25 Vine posts.

Check out Arsenal’s Vine Page

Room for One More

Despite The Gunners being almost everywhere within the social media spectrum, there is definitely room for improvement. Arsenal’s current social media campaign is awesome in size, but unfortunately, Manchester City may just be edging it when it comes to quality content. But only just.

“The Gunners have made all the right moves regarding the rest of social media, lets now hope that they continue their growth into YouTube and beyond…”

Much like Arsenal, Manchester City have various social media accounts dotted around the most popular online networks. However, their social media marketing strategy consists of an extra, more appealing factor. That extra factor, is their incredibly popular YouTube Channel.

Via their channel, City portray players professionally, yet in a way which is entertaining. It isn’t filled with mundane interviews or boring stadium tours. Instead, comical outtakes are on display, alongside training sessions and other interesting content. Essentially, they’ve used their videos to build a more personal link between their players and their fans.

Arsenal have already got on the right track by making their Arsenal Player free, which has begun producing similar content to CIty’s but on a smaller scale. However, until they start creating truly unique, entertaining and useful videos on a platform like YouTube, they’ll always be that little bit behind Manchester City when it comes to social media. And I want that to change.

The Gunners have made all the right moves regarding the rest of social media, lets now hope that they continue their growth into YouTube, and beyond.

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  • John

    It might be helpful to compare Arsenal’s social media figures with other clubs if you want to show domination. Just an idea.

    • TheClockEnd

      Comparisons like that have been done numerous times mate, I always try to offer something unique.

  • Chris

    There are some unique Arsenal clips on youtube - Oxlade Chamberlain for example copying top goals, and the crossbar challenges.
    But really, we only dominate social media because most fans from other clubs can’t read…

    • TheClockEnd

      Haha, you might have a good point there Chris!

      You’re right though, Arsenal have started to produce some good video content lately, and it’s definitely a start. But if you take a look at City’s YouTube page, you’ll see the difference. Their ‘Tunnel Cam’ before fixtures for example, is brilliant.

      Also, they take quite a lot of videos which aren’t staged in anyway. They just record their players in their ‘natural habitat’, which is always interesting to see.

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