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Top 5 Jack Wilshere Quotes

As Jack Wilshere returns to both club & international football after a monumental seventeen months on the sidelines, plenty of Jack Wilshere Quotes have emerged for us to disect & gossip over.

We’ve compiled some of the best Jack Wilshere quotes throguhout the Englishman’s injury, to give us a better understanding of our newest number ten. Also, we’ve got an exclusive video taken inside the Emirates Stadium at the time of Jack Wilshere’s return to the starting lineup against QPR. Welcome back Jack.

1. Arsenal Is Home For Me

Anybody who watches Jack play for Arsenal regularly, will know that he adores the club. And although his passion on the pitch suffices, he never fails to mention the deep-rooted foundations he has with the Gunners.

“To have my family 20 minutes from the training ground and an hour from the stadium is perfect for me. Cesc wanted to go home [to Barcelona]. Home for me is Arsenal. Cesc wanted to go back to his family and friends. My family and friends are 20 minutes away. It’s perfect.”

2. Learning From The Best

The hallmark of any serious player is their attitude towards past greats. Watching and learning from masters of the game can never be detrimental, and it certainly seems that Jack Wilshere has managed to capture some of the styles implemented by the three players mentioned by him below.

“I looked up to Dennis Bergkamp - he was number ten and I was wearing number ten in the reserves and the youth team. As a midfielder there was Vieira who was always the leader. And then Cesc, who’s not really that much older than me but was in the team from a young age, so he was one I always looked up to as well.”

3. A New Team, A New Me

After seventeen months out through injury, Jack returned to a completely reformed midfield. Santi Cazorla was a new recruit, yet Mikel Arteta, who has now been at the club for over a year, has only just began enjoying the company of Jack Wilshere in the middle of the park. Astounding.

“Words cannot describe it. I was just running around smiling. Last time I played it was with [Cesc] Fabregas and [Samir] Nasri - now it’s with Arteta and [Santi] Cazorla. It’s like a new team and it’s a new me.”

4. Strength & Happiness

For any professional football player, a seventeen month spell on the sidelines is an extremely bitter pill to swallow. Jack’s son Archie gave him the strength and willpower to remain focused throughout his rehabilitation process.

“I’ve got my son now and I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for him, He helped me through it massively. No matter what you go through, when you see your son you’re happy. For a couple of months, all I was looking forward to was going home to see him.”

5. In Ten Years Time…

In the modern game, statements such as these are often thrown around. However Jack Wilshere simply oozes Arsenal, and seems to be determined to become a club legend. Who are we to stop him?

“In 10 years’ time I still want to be at Arsenal, winning trophies for my club and for the national team as well. I’ve been at Arsenal since I was nine or 10. It feels like I’ve always been there, the club’s been great to me and I feel I owe them that to be there and to stay around.”

And A Bonus Jack Wilshere Quote:

Okay, so we’ve seen Jack mention that he’d like to remain at Arsenal for many years to come. We’ve witnessed his intense love for the club. But when one reporter was brave enough to ask a very tricky question, Jack Wilshere didn’t hesitate. We hear you loud and clear Jack. Don’t let us down.

“[In response to the question, 'Can you promise me that you'll stay at Arsenal forever?'] Yeah, I can promise you that. I’ve been at the club since I was nine and I’ve learnt to love it, from the Vieira days to Bergkamp & even Fabregas. I want to be part of the future.”

Were You There?

Over 60,000 attendees got to witness Jack Wilshere’s return to the Arsenal starting lineup against QPR in October 2012. For those who missed it, The Clock End have captured exclusive footage of the moment Jack Wilshere’s name was announced prior to kick-off.

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