Nov 27, 6 days ago

Why Arsene Wenger Is Still The Best Man For The Job

It’s that time of year again. Arsenal’s form has dropped, and Arsene Wenger is under severe scrutiny from both the media and his own fans. Sounds familiar right? Well, that’s because it is.

November is notoriously Arsene Wenger’s least favourite month, and my post next week will delve deeper into this phenomenon. Arsenal never prosper in the dark days of November, and our fans never fail to display their anniversarial fickleness. The ‘Wenger Out’ brigade is reborn once a year, every year. Only to disappear again when Arsenal find their form.

Just like last November, we currently have supporters calling for Arsene Wenger to be replaced. Who will replace him? They don’t know. For how long? Just until we hit another stretch of bad form of course.

Arsene The Angel

Lets get one thing straight, Arsene Wenger is no angel. He makes errors and lapses in judgement like the rest of us, and I personally have qualms over some of his policies. For example, his constant contract procrastination, à la Flamini, Van Persie and most recently, Theo Walcott.

“Since Arsene Wenger was appointed at Arsenal, Tottenham have had nine managers, Aston villa have had seven, whilst Newcastle have had sixteen. Clearly, the culture of manager hopping is not synonymous with success.”

His distinct lack of transfer market spending is of course another bone worth picking with the Arsene, as well as his substitution strategies, which habitually come far too late in the game.

Arsenal fans have also progressively become alienated by the lack of silverware at the club. Which they should be. It’s unnatural for Arsenal to go seven years without a trophy. If I was in charge of the Arsenal board, I’d employ the man who I think is best suited to win us our next trophy, without turning us into a Manchester City or Chelsea. I’d employ Arsene Wenger.

A natural response would mention the fact that Arsene Wenger has failed to win a trophy for seven years, and thus cannot be the best man for the job. However, being a football manager in the modern game is not as one-dimensional as most Arsenal fans seem to think.

Roberto Di Matteo for example, was recently sacked after winning the Champions League with Chelsea, who have had thirteen different managers since Arsene Wenger was appointed at Arsenal. Additionally, Tottenham have had nine, Aston villa have had seven, whilst Newcastle have had sixteen. Clearly, the culture of manager hopping is not synonymous with success.

Fickle Blood Baying

It’s time for Arsenal fans to pick a side and stick with it. It’s entirely fair to say that those calling for Arsene Wenger’s head in time of adversity are nowhere to be seen in times of prosperity. For example, after securing third place last season, the section of Arsenal fans who were staging ‘black bag’ protests, went into hiding.

“What we are seeing in the modern game, is the decline of football’s traditional values, and the rise of football monopolization.”

Despite big name replacements being mentioned, the sad reality is that Arsenal will only begin to mimic the manager rotation scheme so many other clubs have adopted across the English Premier League.

What we are seeing in the modern game, is the decline of football’s traditional values, and the rise of football monopolization. Unfortunately, instead of Arsenal fans backing the best manager Arsenal has ever had, they consistently fall for the media’s fickle hype, baying for the blood of Arsene Wenger.

Whether you like it or not, We will never find another manager like Aresne Wenger. Arsene knows the club, helped build the club, and understands the future of the club. The proposed replacements, have none of these qualities.

I will leave you with a quote from Arsene Wenger’s recent post match interview following our most recent draw at Aston Villa:

“Don’t worry too much about us. You forgot about what you wrote last September, October, November. You have a little bit of Alzheimer’s.” - Arsene Wenger
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